About Us

About Us

We specialize in chronic pain relief and improving muscle health through Foot Zone Therapy, Massage Therapy, and Acupressure - each style for different needs.

Foot Reflexology is best for stress relief, full body circulation and energy flow.
Sports Massage is most benefited by weight trainers, boxers, or runners and helps keep muscles healthy after over use.
Acupressure Massage Therapy is great for Chronic Pain Relief, Back Pain, Sciatica, Tennis Elbow, Sore or Tense Shoulders, Tension Headaches, Carpal Tunnel.

Our goal is NOT to be the biggest, baddest, or fanciest on the block.
Our focus and hope is to be the best in quality, health, and balance.
We are dedicated to healing and revitalization of bodies to promote a healthier; more rejuvenated lifestyle in all.

Walk Ins are welcome at anytime for most of our services.
Acupressure Therapy, appointments preferred.
For more information about our services and to learn more about Foot Reflexology and all of our services, feel free to visit us or browse our website.


Quick History

Welcome to Heights Reflexology, a holistic spa focusing on the balance and energy flow of the body through reflex points from our sole. In addition are our relaxing and energy releasing body massage therapies.

The staff behind Heights Reflexology are highly skilled and trained in their respective fields, techniques, and services - with many years of experience.

We encourage all to try it out, enjoy a relaxing session to improve circulation and energy flow. If you find there are any improvements needed, feel free to let us know!

Heights Reflex. Team,
Thank You!


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740 E 20th St. Suite D
Houston, TX 77008