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Hello Everyone: Neighbors, Family, and Friends! Welcome to our Specials page. 

We try to keep this page up to date so that anyone and everyone will have an opportunity to benefit from all services currently available.


Current Specials

Birthday Specials (For All!)

Birthdays are special, that is if you want it to be - If others believe it to be. Well, we believe birthdays are special. We'd be honored if you spent 60minutes of it with us.

Please bring an ID with you, you know, just to be sure your doppleganger isn't trying to have all the fun. Still have questions? Feel free to give us a call!


Door Hangers - Heights Neighbors

All in and near the Heights area. Everyone was so welcoming to us during our Grand Opening month that we'd like (actually, love) to extend our gratitude by offering this Neighborhood Special. So, keep a lookout for these door hangers our flyer guy will be hanging around. Remember to bring these door hangers when visiting!


Past Specials

Grand Opening (For All!)

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