Foot Reflexology

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One Session of Foot Reflexology Includes:

60 minutes session 

We start off with herbal feet treatment while Reflexologist massages head, shoulders, and hands.

Then foot reflexology emphasizing all points up to the knee, and finishing off with a relaxing and therapeutic back massage.

Reflexology/Massage from head to toe including hands.


What is Reflexology?

Reflexology is the study of reflex points on the feet & hands which correspond to each organ & system in the body. It suggests that healing energy flows from vital organs through channels in the body & terminate to form the reflex points on our hands and feet.

Disease occurs when energy flow is blocked by  stress, tension, or congestion.  Utilizing specific thumb, finger, & hand techniques to massage & apply acupressure to these reflex points, the person is relaxed. This improves circulation & breaks down blockage in our body. Harmony and energy balance within the body are restored creating more peace and vitality for body and soul.


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